Location: 4411 14th Street, NW
Donated By: XI Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc.
s): Kate Deciccio & Rose Jaffe
Year: 2016

Kate Deciccio


Kate Deciccio is a DC artist whose work is driven by her interests in equity, mental health, humor, community building and a passion for the activity of art-making. She feels that murals have become a cornerstone because they can transform spaces to better reflect the strength and identity of a community as a modality for counter-narrative, resistance & celebration. 

“Making art with people in locked spaces like mental institutions, prisons and juvenile detention centers is important to me. I think delivering meaningful arts education to young people is a tool for coping, improving self-esteem, developing confidence and connection. Any chance I have to support another person to discover their inherent creativity and the joy of making something with their hands brings me great satisfaction.”

To see what she’s working on, check out her Instagram @k8deciccio or at

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Contributing Artist(s): Rose Jaffe