Location: 400 Florida Avenue, NW (Mural has been removed)
Donated By: Ken’s Carryout
s): Joel Bergner & Rashad Cuffee
Year: 2008

Joel Bergner


Joel Bergner grew up in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, where he had a passion for art even as a young child. His street paintings can be spotted across the globe, from the U.S. to Brazil, Cuba, Kenya, Poland, Mexico, Mozambique, El Salvador, Cape Verde and most recently in a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan.

 Joel’s murals and canvases feature his trademark eclectic mix of vibrant colors and intense imagery, exploring social topics and presenting the stories of those who are marginalized by society.

View some of his work at www.joelartista.com

Read more about Joel Bergner here.

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Contributing Artist(s): Rashaad Cuffee