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Murals DC Isn’t Alone: Philly’s Mural Arts Program
Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program is a multi-faceted public art program which has commissioned the creation of over 3,000 murals since it began in 1984. Like Murals DC, The Mural Arts Program has a strong youth education component and a positive record of community engagement, but it also includes other initiatives.

The Restorative Justice program: Through art instruction, mural making, and community service work within the criminal justice system, the Mural Arts Program gives opportunities to inmates, ex-offenders, and juvenile delinquents to learn new skills and make positive contributions to their communities.

muraLAB: Part think-tank, part experimental studio, muraLAB is an initiative which sponsors emerging artists, investigates muralism in the 21st century, and presents speakers and artists.

Mural Explorer: This multimedia experience shares the stories behind Philadelphia’s many murals, from community voices to love letters.

The Mural Arts Program is one of the most developed programs of its kind in the country – its initiatives show the tremendous impacts public art can have on a city. What about Mural Arts Program should we try to emulate here at Murals DC? Let us know what you think! Hit us up on Twitter, @muralsdcproject.

Graffiti in the Gallery
Here’s just a few out of many prominent galleries whose collections and exhibits are known for showcasing graffiti and street art (if not completely dedicated to it!):

The 25 Greatest DC Graffiti Writers

Complex Magazine and Cory “EON” Stowers, who worked with Murals DC in past years, bring you a retrospective of 25 of the most influential graffiti writers right in the district. Check out #13 for another artist that’s a friend of Murals DC! Click the picture to go through to the article.