Murals do more than improve the aesthetic of their environment; they can positively impact public attitudes, help bridge social, ethnic and racial divides and initiate productive dialogues. They can also have a profound and positive impact on a community’s emotional and psychological health.

In the District, public murals are even being used as real estate marketing and selling tools as they not only can make environment a more desired living space but also add to the economic value of the buildings that house them. Public art can also drive traffic to a particular location and provide a boost to the local economy by increasing tourism.

MuralsDC aims to produces 6-10 murals each year in communities throughout the District. Partnering with your establishment in a variety of ways can help support original works of art, revitalize corridors, promote local, regional and national artists and also help train the next generation of District artists through apprenticeship opportunities.

MuralsDC 2016 projects and goals include:

  • The creation of 3 murals
  • The restoration of 3-5 existing murals
  • Identification plaques/stencils on 50+ existing murals
  • Symposium on the impact of mural, street, graffiti and fine art in communities.


You can help support MuralsDC through a number of these initiatives, including:

  • Mural Development Site Promotion: An opportunity to sponsor on-site signage providing information about the developing mural.
  • Mural Dedication: An opportunity to sponsor an event to unveil, dedicate and celebrate a brand new mural project.
  • Mural Tours: An opportunity to sponsor an audio tour.
  • Providing stipends for youth apprentices.


Is your business interested in sponsoring MuralsDC?

We’re looking for sponsors to provide food and beverages for our hardworking teams of muralists during the months of mural installation (typically August-October).

If you’d like to be part of the MuralsDC effort, shoot us an email at murals.dc@dc.gov.