Mural Title: Many Voices Many Beats One City
2420 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, SE
Donated By: MLK Grocery
Cory L. Stowers and Jason Philip
Year: 2008

Cory L. Stowers


Cory L. Stowers is the creative Co-Founder of Art Under Pressure , his resume includes credited projects in the fields of film, recorded music, public art, photography, project management, publication, scholarly writings and education. Stowers began his career in art in P.G. County, Maryland, as a graffiti writer.

He soon began meeting other writers and before the end of 1996 he was being mentored by Cert, one of the most prolific writers painting on the Red Line. An avid student, Stowers spent hours painting, reading on and documenting graffiti. In 2001, Cory began studying Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Washington. There he was able to combine his experience as a graffiti writer with marketing and design skills offered at the school. Cory is also a co-founder of Art Under Pressure.

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Contributing Artist(s): Jason Philip